Bio Rad Protein Assay Kit

GTP-Binding Protein RAD (RAD) Antibody

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Human IgG antibody Laboratories manufactures the bio rad protein assay kit reagents distributed by Genprice. The Bio Rad Protein Assay Kit reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact protein assay. Other Bio products are available in stock. Specificity: Bio Category: Rad Group: Protein Assay

RAD Antibody

EUR 420

RAD Antibody

EUR 280

RAD Antibody

EUR 350

RAD antibody

100 ug
EUR 294
Description: Rabbit Polyclonal RAD antibody

RAD Antibody

EUR 325

RAD Antibody

EUR 245

RAD Antibody

EUR 305

Protein Assay information

Calcium Assay, Catalog: MA-0104

MA-0104 100 wells
EUR 350

Lactate Assay, Catalog: MA-0115

MA-0115 100 wells
EUR 515

Glucose Assay, Catalog: MA-0122

MA-0122 100 wells
EUR 430

Ammonia Assay, Catalog: MA-0125

MA-0125 100 wells
EUR 475

Acetate Assay, Catalog: MA-0130

MA-0130 100 wells
EUR 450

Citrate Assay, Catalog: MA-0139

MA-0139 100 wells
EUR 495

Ethanol Assay, Catalog: MA-0131

MA-0131 100 wells
EUR 410
Description: A plate based colorimetric/fluorometric assay to measure ethanol concentration in a variety of samples. 

Glycogen Assay, Catalog: MA-0112

MA-0112 100 wells
EUR 525

Pyruvate Assay, Catalog: MA-0129

MA-0129 100 wells
EUR 515

Phosphate Assay, Catalog: MA-0105

MA-0105 100 wells
EUR 255

Glutamate Assay, Catalog: MA-0133

MA-0133 100 wells
EUR 450

Succinate Assay, Catalog: MA-0134

MA-0134 100 wells
EUR 720

Glutamine Assay, Catalog: MA-0164

MA-0164 100 wells
EUR 425
Description:  A plate based colorimetric assay to quantify glutamine from a variety of biological samples with a sensitivity in the low nanomole range.

Lipolysis Assay, Catalog: MA-0189

MA-0189 100 wells
EUR 395
Description:  A plate based simple, sensitive colorimetric assay to measure the amount of glycerol released from 3T3-L1 cells after induction of lipolysis. The color intensity is directly proportional to the amount of glycerol. This assay kit can detect less than 200 pmol of glycerol.

Creatinine Assay, Catalog: MA-0121

MA-0121 100 wells
EUR 385

Triglyceride Assay, Catalog: MA-0110

MA-0110 100 wells
EUR 525

Phenylalanine Assay, Catalog: MA-0147

MA-0147 100 wells
EUR 355
Description:  A plate based fluorometric assay to measure phenylalanine in various sample types with a sensitivity in the mid to low picomole range.